Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Life Framer photography Award // London, UK

Life Framer is a monthly crowd-driven photography award for the present day. It’s a platform designed to source creative work and showcase outstanding photography from amateur, emerging or established photographers. The aim is to bring exposure to talented photographers from all over the world:  Their talent, their visions, their life.

The idea is simple: every month we make a call to arms to the photographic community to provide us with their photographs that best capture our theme. We shortlist our favourites, ask a guest judge to select their winners, and display them to the world on our website, and at the end of the cycle in a special gallery series in London.

In it for the entrant is the chance to be exhibited in a gallery space, to win prizes and to receive some great exposure, recognition and online presence along the way. In it for us is the content and funding to curate a beautiful exhibition that encapsulates our theme and vision. Something, from nothing.

The theme we've chosen is ‘Life’; All-encompassing and all-defining. Something we all share, and are constantly trying to fathom. We want to find beautiful photographs that capture life at its broadest and most diverse – from the mundane to the magical, all over the world.

To make this challenging theme more manageable we’ll be breaking it down into twelve sub-themes, each running for a month. The first month’s theme opens March 1st and is titled ‘A Modern Life’. All these years of evolution and we have landed in the 21st century – Before exploring 'life' any further we want you to frame something that captures an aspect of modern life, now.

The first judge is Mischa Haller - a Swiss freelance documentary and portrait photographer who has shot for The Times, The Independent and Monocle. He’ll be selecting the winners, and providing a critique of some of his favourites.

To find out more, and to enter online, visit www.life-framer.com