Thursday, 7 October 2010

Caroline Walker // UK

'Anonymous Was a Woman' Ivan Gallery, Bucharest, Romania 24 Sep - 30 Oct
'At Home' Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk, England 1 Oct - 13 Nov
'Love Is an Ocular Sickness' CCA, Glasgow, Scotland 2 - 23 Dec


Caroline likes

"Since my recent trip to Bucharest to do a show there I've been looking at some Romanian painters, Adrian Ghenie, whose work I first saw at Haunch of Venison in London last year, is a favourite. Also Oana Farcas, who makes very disturbing paintings. I'm working towards a show in Glasgow at the moment with Lydia Corry, whose work I love and we're having a great time making work in response to each other for the show. I like Eleanor Moreton as well, who had an interesting solo show in April at Ceri Hand Gallery, in Liverpool. Also Ged Quinn, whose work I saw at Wilkinson Gallery, London in May.
I also look at a lot photography, particularly that which deals with constructed narrative and constructed subjectivity - Gregory Crewdson, Jeff Wall, Hannah Starkey, Larry Sultan."

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